IN-HOME Puppy set-up programs:

IN-HOME Puppy set-up programs:

Get a head start:

Introducing a new puppy to the home requires preparation and management. In fact, lots of it! But where do you start?

Quite often, dog lovers will focus on their new puppy’s toys, collars, and their bedding. But it’s just as important to begin puppy training from the moment he is brought home. The same rule applies to adopted, foster and rescue dogs.

DogSmart Australia offers In-Home Puppy Set Up programs where we help you create a safe and secure area for your puppy to play, nap and roam within the boundaries of your home. 

Most puppies will readily adapt to any rule if there’s consistency and a routine has been established. In fact, the earlier you start, the more content your puppy will become.

Here are some tips that will help you avoid the most common problems.

  • It’s essential that you visit your local veterinarian so you can discuss the benefits of introducing a science-based diet. Your vet will also advise you when to your wean your puppy onto solid puppy food (at eight weeks), and when to feed him (small meals, three times a day up to four months — subject to breed). 
  • Maintain general wellness including routine exercise, recommended vaccinations and check-ups. 
  • Have everything in place before you bring your new puppy home. My customised In-Home Puppy Set Up programs will help you bypass unnecessary temptations, expense, and waste with unsuitable products. 
  • As part of my in-home puppy setups, I discuss the importance of establishing a dedicated area where your puppy can feel safe. This is because he loves to smell familiar scents and become familiar with his surroundings. I also help establish an in-home routine for feeding, toilet training, and playtime.

Here I am reviewing We Know Pets’ superb supply of in-home products with Jeremy Maitland, the store’s owner, and his staff. A full member of the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA). Jeremy is also an animal welfare advocate and dog lover.                                                                                                                 

Other tips for In-Home Puppy Set-Ups:

  • Once a training task has been achieved, I encourage clients to reward their puppy for their good behaviour. Never punish or yell at him for making a mistake. For example, if your puppy has soiled inside, gently lead him to the area where you would like him to relieve himself.       
  • Quite often, a puppy will destroy an item especially if it’s experiencing discomfort with its ‘milk teeth’. Remove any items that may prove to be a temptation, such as shoes, slippers, cushions and other soft items. During the in-home training session, I will guide you through a recommended list of safe, ‘chewing’ products that will help eliminate the problem.  Please see our blog on teething.
  • Now the biggest step of all — socialising. This is where your in-home leadership will come to the forefront, especially when you’re out and about in the community with your new puppy. Start by walking him in the garden or on short outings. That way, he will get to enjoy new experiences, sights, and sounds. As your puppy’s leader, you must also be in control of the leash as well as your own energy as he will look to you for guidance.
  • During our in-home training session, I will demonstrate holistic hands-on techniques which will allow you to quickly take the lead and form a life-long bond. If you prefer to join a group, I also conduct Puppy Pre-School classes in conjunction with local veterinarians and pet stores.                                                                                           

Thank you to We Know Pets in Bowral, NSW for your wonderful products.

Please also see DogSmart Australia‘s YouTube Channel or our Video Page. Featured is Dr. Bianca Betros from Bundanoon Veterinary Hospital, who outlines the importance of a nutritional diet for dogs.

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