Understanding the rudiments of socialisation.

Energy is Everything:

Your dog’s senses shape his entire world. He can distinguish any level of energy in a person or animal, irrespective of its friendly, excitable or aggressive disposition. He can also communicate and respond to you in the same way.

If you’re anxious or inconsistent with your commands, your dog will sense that you’re not in control. And if he hasn’t been taught how to socialise with people, other dogs, and young children, untold issues will begin to manifest in the home and out in the community.

It’s always important that you have your dog’s full trust and acceptance of you as its leader at all times. Your calm and measured approach will always influence your dog’s behaviour.

The key to communicating with a dog is understanding how its mind works.

A dog may misbehave for a number of reasons especially it has not had sufficient exercise or does not have any boundaries or rules in place. Such inconsistencies could also lead to other issues in public places such as acts of aggression or dominance.

DogSmart Australia will provide you with insightful and effective instruction on how to read your dog’s energy levels and the importance of rewarding good behaviour.

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