Dog Behaviour Training


Establishing boundaries and trust:


The key to in-home harmony and general obedience:   

There are many underlying reasons why dogs may exhibit certain traits and behaviours.  Dogs are not only affected by the way people communicate with them; their unique characters are further shaped by the environment in which they live in and how they view the world around them.

This is why dogs instinctively adjust their behaviour to a reaction or situation; natural responses that often incites unsociable behaviours in the community and creates discord in the home.

Nevertheless, it is important to remember that dogs will never react without a reason.

Regardless of their current standing, dogs have the ability to change their behaviours and learn with the right instruction – just in the same way they were influenced by past associations and experiences.

This is where DogSmart Australia can assist dog owners and implement change.

We will not only provide insight into the mind of your dog but we will also explain the differences between instinctive responses [behaviours] and general obedience. Additionally, we will provide strategies that form the very foundations of our successful training methods and ongoing harmony in the home.

During every in-home or outdoor training session, we will provide you with a series of direct-instructional demonstrations, behavioural prevention techniques and customised solutions that are holistic, humane, and vet recommended. Adding further value to your time and investment, we will also include a DogSmart Australia maintenance program; each tailored to suit your lifestyle and dog’s unique personality.

Our commitment is to see that all dog owners and their canine companions enjoy a stress-free and loving relationship.

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