Creating balance and harmony:

What you need to know:

Understanding your dog’s mind, genetics and environment is the first step to understanding your dog’s traits.

There are many inherent and external factors that may influence your dog’s behaviours; from its penchant to dominate and jump up when a visitor comes to the door, to how you interact and demonstrate leadership in the home.

Your dog’s dominant personality may also underpin other inappropriate and aggressive behaviours when it’s around food, people and other dogs.

By the same measure, a quiet or nervous disposition may be a sign of separation anxiety; even its high energy levels and destructive behaviour could represent boredom which may lead to incessant chewing, digging, biting or peeing in unacceptable places.

Simply, not one dog is ever the same in how it thinks and reacts, and the key to connecting with your dog is understanding how it communicates through its actions.

There is always an underlying reason for any negative behaviours, which DogSmart Australia can readily identify and counter through the application of holistic behavioural techniques. We will help you understand your dog’s world, create boundaries with clarity, and present the appropriate responses that will help offset any behaviours and create harmony and wellness in the home.

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