Dog Walking

Mastering Control and Leadership:

Being the natural leader when dog walking:

Like us, dogs love to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

A 30-minute dog walk not only provides enormous health benefits for your canine companion but it also creates the right dose of mental stimulation with so many sights, sounds, and scents to experience.

The first step DogSmart Australia will guide you on is to correctly fit your dog with a short leash and the right collar. To maintain control of the leash, it’s important that the collar is positioned correctly on the neck.

Once your dog is well-equipped, DogSmart Australia will teach your dog basic obedience skills. This includes inviting him to walk and stop on command with you controlling the leash.

You will also learn how to control your dog’s excitement and potential interaction with other dogs and how to respond to any negative behaviours and distractions.  This includes providing instruction on where you need to be positioned while on the walk – having your dog walk beside you and not in front of you, and keeping the dog’s head up so the focus is on where you’re leading him.

To make the walk varied and interesting, we will also suggest taking different walking routes, joining up with other dog walkers [when your dog is ready], and visiting a community dog park for playtime.

Additionally, DogSmart Australia will show you when the time is right to reward your dog — during the walk and after you come home. Reward time includes allowing your dog to sniff around and relieve himself, and giving him a handful of nutritional treats and praise for his good behaviour.

Community etiquette:

Please don’t forget to exercise community etiquette and pick up your dog’s mess! Always have a plastic bag tied to your dog’s leash in readiness for any emergency.

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