DOGS IN PUBLIC| Legislated Rules:

DOGS IN PUBLIC| Legislated Rules:

The importance of dog behavioural training.

There’s always excitement when you introduce a new dog or puppy to your home. But if you don’t have the right instruction in place or you haven’t mastered the necessary dog management skills including understanding how a dog thinks and responds to a variety of experiences, you may find that your dog could develop a number of challenging behaviours and be of risk to young children and the general public.

It’s advisable to train your puppy or dog with a professional dog trainer to minimise risks including potential dog bites. This includes learning prevention strategies that identify the triggers of potential dog attacks.

The sooner you begin, the quicker your dog will accomplish all commands; instructions that are always reinforced with rewards for their good behaviour. 

It is important to remember that the friendliest of dogs can snap if they feel that their territory is being compromised. 

Respecting a dog’s space:

It is important that you never allow your dog to approach another without maintaining control of the leash —especially if the other dog is tethered to a post. The same rule of engagement applies if one dog’s on a lead and the other is not.

Like us, a dog’s space must be respected, and the tethered dog is always at a disadvantage. 

If you wish to pat a dog [especially young children], first seek permission from its owner and never pat it on the head. If the owner is not around, do not encroach on the dog’s space as there’s always an element of stress for him if he’s waiting for his handler to return.

We owe it to our children and the public to create a safe, loving and harmonious environment for all pets.       

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