Identifying the behavioural traits:

In-Home Harmony:

Dogs naturally react and behave by instinct, and they exert energy to communicate.

For this reason, it’s important for you to learn and understand how your dog thinks and allow him to completely trust you in all aspects of leadership. You will be able to establish boundaries, manage his socialisation with ease, and create the right foundations for good manners — a move that will allow your dog to fully participate as a loving member of your household and when he is out in the community.


The first step:

DogSmart Australia‘s in-home sessions play an integral role in finding a successful solution to any behavioural problems your dog may be exhibiting.

The first step we will take is to assess your dog’s background and review any possible external factors that may affect some of the behaviours.  Some of the issues address may include —

  • traits associated with breed or history
  • excessive dog barking and jumping up
  • aggressive behaviours in the home
  • anti-social behaviours with people and other dogs
  • territorial issues (marking to growling)
  • difficulty handling the dog leash
  • anxiety (thunderstorms to separation)
  • excessive digging or chewing
  • excessive excitement
  • emotional healing (adopted | foster dogs)
  • puppy teething problems
  • lack of boundaries
  • toilet training

Drawing on our years of experience in dog behavioural therapy, DogSmart Australia‘s holistic methods, and gentle instructions will not only allow you to enjoy balance and harmony in the home, but the practices will also help you re-establish the bond and trust with your dog.

Every in-home program is adapted to your lifestyle and your dog’s unique personality.

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