MANAGEMENT AND WELL-BEING: Establish the right steps:

MANAGEMENT AND WELL-BEING: Establish the right steps:

Eliminating potential problems:

Dogs love to exert boundless energy and instinctively sense when someone is their leader — or not

Dogs are highly social animals and respond to a designated leader in any living environment. So there’s no better way to assert your leadership outside of the home than on a routine dog walk. 

Aside from the obvious health benefits, dog-walking will allow you to earn his trust in you — especially when he sees you taking care of both of you when you’re out in the community. Just remember — allocate time just for you and him, and remain calm and focused.

Here are some tips to take on board when you’re walking the beat:

  • Never let your dog walk ahead of you or allow him to pull on his leash. He must walk by your side.
  • Make sure that his collar sits at the top of the neck so that you have more control during the walk. During my in-home training session, I will discuss the various collars that would be suitable for your dog.
  •  Never allow your dog to sniff around gardens, trees, and bushes without your permission. And reward him for his good behaviour with a pit stop full of new experiences — even have a few treats on hand.
  • It’s important that your leash is short and your dog’s head remains upright with his eyes focused on the path ahead.
  • Don’t grip the leash as your dog will assume that you’re nervous and are no longer leading
  •  If your dog suddenly stops or begins to pant, notice the signs. Check his paws and give him some water. Immediately consult with your vet if he remains unwell.
  • Avoid talking on your phone or chatting with other pedestrians for any extended period. The walk is about your special time with him.                                                                                                                                                           

Here I am with Toby in Berrima outside The General Store and Cafe and Stones Patisserie!  This was one pit stop where Toby rewarded me for my good behaviour — a caramel treat and coffee with Stones Patisserie’s owner, Megan.

If you decide to take a break, make sure that the cafe (like Stone’s) is dog-friendly and comes with special drinking bowls and a shaded place for your dog to rest. Please view my blog on Taking the Lead

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