DogSmart Australia’s Moving House Program.

New Kid on the Block:

More than ever people are opting for the quieter life in the country but the move to the new home can be traumatic for our pets when they don’t understand why their environment has changed.

Whether you’re looking to purchase or rent a property, DogSmart Australia can help address any potential issue.

These may include:

  • Territorial and Boundaries: Introducing dogs to their new surroundings and neighbourhood. Like us, dogs need time to adjust to their new home environment. Dog owners may find that their pet has become aggressive and territorial, has trouble socialising with other dogs in the neighbourhood, or exhibits signs of anxiety. It’s important that you’re able to read the tell-tale signs before the issue escalates. Socialising a dog is a vital process of household and community safety.
  • Pet-Proofing: Ensuring that dogs have sufficient fencing or a secure environment in place before the move. A dog will find that his new home is full of different scents and sights. Sometimes this may entice the dog to explore beyond his new domain. It’s important that you have the right fencing and dedicated area in place for your dog so he can settle in and feel safe.
  • Anxiety: Eliminating excess barking and anxiety-related behaviours in the new home. Some dogs who are anxious by nature will exhibit unacceptable behaviours; more so if they are living in an unfamiliar environment. It’s important that you know the boundaries of acceptable behaviour in the community.
  • Rental Laws: Fulfilling all legislation and contract requirements. It’s important that you review the various aspects of the rental agreement with the Property Manager of each firm that you’re dealing with. This includes reviewing the strata rules ahead of the move [regardless if you’re renting or purchasing an apartment or villa].
  • Routine: Keep your dog’s routine as consistent as possible such as feeding and walking. It’s important to maintain a steady routine especially right up to the time when you move and during resettlement. Also, add some extra quality time into your day so that your dog remains fully connected with you and ensure that his bedding and toys are readily available when you have moved into your new abode.
  • Services: Introducing your dog to myriad local services. It’s a great start when you’re familiar with a wide range of community services including local veterinarians, dog parks, groomers, and dog-friendly cafes.

Moving House Program:

DogSmart Australia’s Moving House program is tailored to suit your dog’s unique personality and includes a comprehensive checklist of what you need to do before, during and after the move. This includes recommending an array of local services such as grooming, fencing companies, veterinarians and local parks that are dog-friendly.

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