MRS OLDBUCK’S PANTRY | In Conversation:

MRS OLDBUCK’S PANTRY | In Conversation:

Pet Lovers’ Paradise:

It’s always a great feeling when you leave Sydney to relocate to the Southern Highlands, a region celebrated for its seasonal beauty, leisurely pursuits, and dogs.

In fact, the many residents of Bowral, Moss Vale, Mittagong and the surrounding villages are dog owners and on any given day, they’re seen blazing the sidewalks and the nature reserves and bush trails that intersect the region.

The Southern Highlands is truly a natural paradise for dogs.

Carol Brown, the new owner and custodian of Mrs Oldbucks Pantry in Berrima is also a dog lover and now the owner of a young, Bichon Frise Poodle cross named George. I managed to catch up with Carol this month to talk about her canine companion and how he’s adapted to her Southern Highlands‘ home.

Q & A

Olga: Carol, what made you choose a Bichon Frieze Poodle?

Carol: I just fell in love with the dog, Olga. I lost my beloved Lulu, a Border Collie cross and for some time,  I felt I wasn’t going to get another dog. But when I saw George, he stole my heart. I just knew he was ‘the one.’

Olga: I can imagine why you chose him as they are lovely dogs. They’re also very active with a lot of energy to burn. For busy people, they adapt very well to a number of environments because they tend to possess the characteristics of the poodle, which are generally very intelligent breeds.

So where did you first lay eyes on George?

Carol:  I happened to visit We Know Pets in Bowral to check out the latest puppies that were in store. Then I saw this adorable boy. Jeremy, the owner, introduced me to him, and the rest is history.

Olga: Yes, I know Jeremy very well! DogSmart Australia is currently running a series of puppy school classes at We Know Pets and his knowledge of animals is exceptional.

Does George possess any unique traits?

Carol: Happiness, Olga. George has always been a happy dog. Even at the dog park, everybody comments on what a great dog he is.

Olga:  How are his social skills?

Carol: He socialises with both small and large breeds, and his best friend is a nine-month-old Pitbull.  They get on like a house on fire.

Olga: Would you get a companion for George?

Carol: I have been thinking about it, but currently, he has play dates a few days a week when I’m at work, and he has a large back garden. He’s very happy as it is.

Olga: I agree, Carol. Dog-friendly gardens are essential  for a dog’s well-being. That includes secure fencing, a shaded area for the dog to have access to clean water, a digging area so that the garden doesn’t get destroyed and plenty of space for the dog to enjoy the freedom of being outdoors. Add in some safe toys, and it’s the perfect daytime environment while you’re away from the house!

Does George display any separation anxiety or other anxious traits while you’re at work?

Carol: No, not at all. When I come home, George is just very excited when he greets me and we quickly fall into our evening routine.

Olga:  How do you manage his grooming routine with such a hectic schedule?

Carol: It’s a weekly chore, Olga, because he has long hair, so he does require some attention. For that reason, I take him to a professional groomer, Dog Addiction in Bowral every eight – 10 weeks and he gets plenty of socialisation and excitement there. Then again, George is considered great company for other dogs and of course, with myself.

Olga:  Carole, George sounds like an exceptional dog and there’s no doubt that you two make great companions. I wish you both a long and happy life together.

For visitors to Berrima, Mrs Oldbucks Pantry has been selling gourmet preservatives, aromatic coffee, tea and culinary specialties for over 43-years in the historic village.

We Know Pets is located in Bowral.

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