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The World of Dogs:

The foundations of DogSmart Australia began 20 years ago when the company’s owner and animal advocate, Olga Hromow, left her successful career in travel publishing and joined the acclaimed dog behavioural organisation of Southern Highlands-based John Richardson, Australia’s foremost authority and world pioneer in dog psychology.

The author of two best sellers, “The Dog Whisperer” (New Holland, 2001) and “Whispers of Wisdom” (New Holland, 2006), John believed that understanding the mind of a dog was the key to creating a harmonious environment in the home.

Personally trained by John in dog behavioural management, Olga successfully instructed and assisted thousands of dogs and their owners over the past two decades and frequently travelled to Canada and the United Kingdom to instruct dog behaviouralists the unique techniques.

As John’s general manager, Olga was also instrumental in the development and training of specialised dog behavioural and obedience training programs in conjunction with Veterinary Clinics, Local Government and Animal Shelters and their foster carers.¬†This included Vet and Council-sponsored dog social education and management programs with the community-at-large, group classes for Council Compliance Officers and direct-instructional dog behavioural seminars for community service providers such as Australia Post, Sydney Water and Child Care Centres; with each session covering a variety of important issues such as prevention and safety measurements around dogs.

John Richardson’s Legacy:

John Richardson passed away in 2014, leaving Olga with an incredible legacy.

Now proudly a Southern Highlands resident, Olga has continued to honour John’s ‘world of dogs’ and today, headlines DogSmart Australia.

Following the very principles of John’s humane values, and the gentle instructions and techniques he mastered in all aspects of dog behavioural and obedience training,¬†and holistic rehabilitation, DogSmart Australia¬†provides pinpoint behavioural solutions and long-term benefits for dog owners and their canine companions in the home, on rural properties and in the community.

Every behavioural program is tailored specifically to your lifestyle requirements and your dog’s individual personality regardless of its breed, age or complex history.

DogSmart Australia‘s in-home and outdoor dog behavioural and obedience training programs are available by appointment in the Greater Southern Highlands, Southern Tablelands, Wollondilly and Macarthur regions along with Sydney’s Inner West.

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