Establishing boundaries, a routine and good manners:

A puppy’s world:

A puppy’s world is an exciting one to see.

Along with experiencing new sites, sounds and scents, there are so many things for her to enjoy. Colourful toys to chew on. Balls to chase. Children to romp around with. New and wonderful discoveries at every turn.

Quite often, new owners will focus on a puppy’s new toys, his diet, and where he will eat, sleep and play. But there are other things to consider when you first bring him home.

Your puppy may show signs of anxiety, especially if it has just been separated from her mother and siblings. Or he may become frightened if the high-octane excitement with young children becomes overwhelming.

Puppies also seem even more unruly when their ‘milk teeth’ are replaced by their permanent teeth. By the age of seven months, most puppies will have 42 permanent teeth in place. Also, consult with your vet on any teething issues especially if he shows any signs of pain.

As with children, puppies develop in specific stages before they reach full maturity between 12 months to two years. So it’s important to have in place a behavioural program to help maintain the harmony in the home.

This is where DogSmart Australia steps in.

Puppy “Set-Up” Programs:

Usually, puppies are introduced to the home at eight weeks of age. By week nine, your puppy will be well on its way to a wonderful life with the introduction of in-home rules and boundaries, socialisation cues, trust in your leadership and lots of affection.

DogSmart Australia can assist with a tailored, in-home, Puppy Set Up program either before or after your puppy arrives.

We will provide you with some preventative behaviour techniques [especially destructible chewing during their teething period] and help establish a “puppy routine” which includes feeding, toilet training, playtime and general home etiquette.

DogSmart Australia will also recommend that you make an appointment with your local vet.  Along with having your dog vaccinated, your vet will discuss the best time to have your dog desexed [based on maturity, size, and breed].

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