Rescue Dogs


Rescue and Foster Dogs:

What you need to know:

Adopting or fostering a rescue dog is an incredible experience and a perfect way to give them a second chance in life. Yet there are often unforeseen challenges that only surface when the dog comes home with you.

Living in an animal shelter can be extremely traumatic for dogs. They are likely to be recovering from injuries, neglect, and abandonment — even a lifetime of physical abuse. Others may have been surrendered by their owners due to personal circumstances and are experiencing separation anxiety.

Adding to the complex issues is the fact that dogs often live in shelters for weeks or months at a time. So it comes as no surprise that their distressing history may trigger unsociable, inappropriate or aggressive behaviours, especially when they try to assert their place in their new home.

In most cases, behavioural issues can be overturned with patience, dedication and unconditional love.

For nearly 20 years, DogSmart Australia‘s owner, Olga Hromow and her late colleague, John Richardson provided local councils and animal shelters in the rehabilitation and training of rescue and foster dogs. As animal advocates, Olga and John were passionate about giving dogs a second chance.

The first important step to take is to establish trust and put into place boundaries with your new best friend.

DogSmart Australia‘s holistic and customised rehabilitation program will help counter any negative responses that could influence the long-term bond and trust between you and your new canine companion

Things to consider:

Before you decide on adopting a dog, please schedule several shelter visits and choose a time when the place is very busy and when it’s quiet. That way, you will see how the dogs react and respond to the excitement at different times.

Make sure that you also discuss any dog’s personality and energy with the helpful personnel at the shelter, and take note of how it responds to instruction with a variety of carers. More importantly, make sure that the dog’s temperament and requirements will suit your lifestyle.

DogSmart Australia offers a consultation service should you require a dog behaviouralist to accompany you to the shelter.

No matter the size, history or personality of the dog, we are here to assist you. Every dog deserves a place to call home.

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