What DogSmart Australia’s Clients Have To Say:

Throughout the years of owning dogs, all very large breeds, I have used a variety of trainers with only so-so results; that is until I met Olga. Olga has an amazing understanding of dogs that enables them to respond immediately to her commands and presence. Because of Olga’s skills, patience and her intuitive understanding of dogs, they are a joy to walk and own. The bottom line is that her training methodology works. That is the best testimonial one can offer, and not only when she’s just handling the dogs. She’s trained me as well, so the pleasure of dog ownership continues. I honestly wouldn’t work with any other dog trainer.

Marouli, NSW

As a busy Marketing Director, I called on Olga for her incredible experience to ensure we got behaviour and training right the first time with our Samoyed puppy, Dakota. Olga assessed our home set up, worked on behavioural concerns and helped us with a follow-up appointment that focused on techniques for our puppy out in public spaces; on the lead and with other dogs at the park. A true professional with an incredible wealth of knowledge to draw on, expect real-time support at all times. From basic obedience to really getting into the mindset of “pack life” with your dog. Olga’s support and experience have literally set our family up for life. Thank you for sharing this invaluable knowledge with us Olga. I hope every dog owner has the privilege of working with you!

Lauren, NSW

Olga was recommended to our family from a previous client of hers. We required advice and guidance on how to best manage the introduction of our new puppy to our current dog and household. Olga only required two visits to our home, to realise dramatic improvements to the way in which we managed our dogs. Olga is very kind and generous with her time. Furthermore, Olga was very supportive and accessible between her two visits and provided ongoing telephone follow-up. We highly recommend Olga for any new dog owner or any dog owner struggling with behavioural issue.

Zoe, NSW

Olga has been a tremendous resource for us in training our feisty Australian terrier puppy Banjo. He has calmed down significantly and now walks well without distraction and will obey our instructions, even when we don’t have treats. He is much better behaved inside and has realised that he is not top dog. Olga is knowledgeable and resourceful and clearly, loves dogs. We had tried some other dog trainers and Olga has been by far the most effective. She adapts her training to the dog she is dealing with, and as a result, achieves great results. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any dog owner.

Liz, NSW

I was referred to dog trainer Olga by a friend who had successfully used her services in working with her two dogs. I had acquired a bouncy 20mo female terrier who very much needed to adjust to city life after rural life. She was right out of her comfort zone. Olga identified the issues that needed to be addressed and put in place a training schedule regarding boundaries and behaviour. Over the course of a couple of sessions and the advised practice/follow-up at home and on walks, life changed from hard work to a pleasure for the pup and me. Olga was always professional, caring and timely in her approach. She had an enviable relationship with my dog from the start and achieved results – with us both.


Olga is the Mary Poppins of the dog world. When Buddy started behaving aggressively he had changed from a social dog to one you couldn’t take anywhere, I didn’t know what to do. Once he was diagnosed with anxiety, your advice and practical tips changed him after a few sessions. Eight months later, Buddy still walks beautifully on the lead and is no longer aggressive or stressed. Better than any book or TV show, your coaching is the reason we were successful. You have an amazing gift, and we now have a happier home, and a happier dog.

Skye, NSW

When our beautiful dog Ralph came to live with us, he was very anxious and misbehaved. It was impossible to walk him as he pulled and jumped, and overall very difficult to control. A few sessions with your training methods and guidance (and dietary advice) has made a huge difference to his behaviour, and now he is a delight to have around and take out walking. He comes when called tail wagging, obeys commands and seems happy and relaxed. Thank you, Olga, for your support, guidance and patience and for equipping us with valuable skills to continue his training.

Merilyn, NSW

Thank You, Olga, for all your help with Rocky – the difference You have made is amazing – he is much better behaved dog, and we are much happier about that! You have taught us a lot about dog behaviour and are very approachable and willing to help and answer questions. I would highly recommend you to anyone in need of a dog trainer – Thank you again!

Richard and Gosia, NSW

A few months ago I was very fortunate enough to have been given a Blue English Staffy by the name of Buddy. I grew up with German Shepherds and Poodles but never had a Staffy before. I asked my local vet if he knew anyone that could help with getting some guidance and training for Buddy. Michael Wallace from Caring Vets gave me the contact details for Olga from DogSmart Australia. The first time I met Olga I had a very good vibe. Olga’s professionalism work ethic and knowledge I found to be amazing. The care she has for animals is also fantastic. Olga explained to me the do’s and don’ts and demonstrations on how to lead, and to have a connection with your pet and a solid plan for the future. Since having Olga helping us out I now have a very obedient, loyal, and well-trained dog. Olga is very good at what she does and I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone that requires guidance and training for their beloved pets. A very satisfied client. Thank you, Olga.

Michael, Katie, Ava, and Ella, NSW

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