DogSmart Australia


Joining forces with other Southern Highlands community members to help feed our wildlife during the bushfire season.

MIND YOUR MANNERS: Cafe society etiquette:

There are obligations dog owners should take onboard before introducing their dogs to the cafe society crowd.

IN-HOME Puppy set-up programs:

Introducing a new puppy or adult dog to the home requires preparation and management.

MRS OLDBUCK’S PANTRY | In Conversation:

Conversation with Carol Brown, the owner of Mrs Oldbucks Pantry talks about her canine companion, George.

DOGS IN PUBLIC| Legislated Rules:

Be aware of a dog's space in public. Always be mindful of his area, stress levels and disposition.

WEIGHING UP THE FACTS: The benefits of a science-based diet:

A nutritious diet is at the cornerstone of your dog's overall wellness.

AUTISM AND PETS: The benefits of pet ownership:

Research has shown that autistic children who own a family pet from a young age benefit greatly.

DOGS AND PUBLIC SAFETY: Creating the right environment:

Creating public awareness and implementing safety measures to prevent further dog attacks.

MOVING HOUSE: What all dog owners need to know:

The regulations and recommendations that all dog owners need to know before moving house:

SPECIAL DIETS FOR DOGS: What to feed dogs with allergies:

Diets for dogs with special skin conditions and issues with their immune systems: